Thursday, July 5, 2012


After a few tests and doctors, we have learned Landon has a peanut and egg-white allergy. His peanut allergy is severe. He can't be around peanuts and anything that contains peanuts. So it's goodbye to peanut butter sandwiches, candy with peanuts, candy that was manufactured in a factory where candy with peanuts are made, and bye-bye to one of our favorite restaurants - Texas Roadhouse. 

His egg-white allergy is mild. He can be around eggs. We just have to wash our hands really well after handling eggs. He can't eat anything with eggs in it. So I'm on the search for eggless cake and brownie recipes. 

Though it has been to hard adjusting to reading every label at the grocery store and giving up our favorite sandwich, it has been so worth it. Landon's eczema is almost cleared up and he is such a happier baby. I am so grateful for doctors and modern medicine. 

                                                                        Having the test done

The new happy baby