Monday, February 27, 2012

Bleach Baths and Vinegar Soaks

For the past month and half, Landon has had a rash on his face, head, and stomach. Our pediatrician told us it was cradle cap. We tried cream after cream after cream  and some creams made it better and others did not.  On Friday when Landon woke up, his face looked horrible. It looked like his skin was being eaten away it. I called the dr and told her that she needed to see Landon ASAP (Before this, I would call once or twice a week and she would just keep prescribing medicine). So I took Landon in later that day. Dr walked in and the first thing she said is, "You need to take him to the ER immediately." So Landon and I headed to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake. I arrived at 5:30 and Kyle got there about 6:30.

We were checked in very quickly. The first dr we saw told me Landon had a staff infection and would need to stay in the hospital for a few days but other drs would need to see him. Then a group of 3 drs came  (1 was a resident DR, 1 was  a nurse practioner, and the other was an actual dr.) and  told me Landon had an infection (well, duh, I could see that). These drs wanted Landon to see a dermatologist. A resident dermatologist came in and I loved her. She was so nice, caring, and actually gave me real answers. She called in a Pediatric Dermatologist and she was also wonderful. Together they diagnosed Landon with severe infected eczema. They gave me a regime to follow and it has worked wonders.  So Landon, Kyle, and I were in the ER for 7 hours and saw a total of 7 drs - a dr from another floor came to make sure Landon was being taken care of.

Every morning and night, Landon gets a 10 min vinegar soak, 2 creams rubbed on, and a whole lot of vaseline. Poor guy just cries and cries through it. Then twice a week he gets a 10 min bath in bleach. Who knew you could bath babies in bleach? Anyway Landons face and body look so much better.
                                                      Here's Landon during his vinegar soak


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


At the beginning of February, Landon and I took a week long trip to Oklahoma. It was Landon's first time on the plane and he did so well. He slept the whole way on all 4 flights. As usual, we did lots of shopping and eating out. Landon also got to spend a lot of time with his grandma, grandpa,  Matthew, Jessica
and cousin Colin. 

Landon with Grandma Ann and Cousin Colin. Mom got them suits for Church. 

Landon with his Grandpa Mike. 

Landon with his adopted Great Grandmother, Shirley 

Landon with my mom's good friend, Linda. 

I was told many times that Landon looks like his Uncle Matthew and Cousin Colin.
What do you think?

I found some baby sunglasses for Landon.Doesn't he look cute

Cousin Colin in his bumbo chair..even though he is a little to big for it. 

        Colin loves to dip anything in ketchup.So here he is dipping grapes in to ketchup

He loved the cars. 

                                                      Landon and I missed Kyle alot!