Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Landon's Hospital Stay

A few weeks ago, Landon started throwing up and I thought it was just a cold (We were in Oklahoma when it actually started and I still need to post about that trip). But it got worse the day we got home. He also had gone almost 48 hours without peeing. Two days after we got home, I took Landon to his doctor. He had his weight checked and he had lost a pound in just a couple of weeks. The dr gave Landon some medicine that was supposed to prevent throwing up. She told us if he started throwing up again to take him to the hospital. Landon went the rest of that day without throwing up but started again about 6 the next morning. So we went to the hospital. This is how the day went. 

Friday, August 24. 

6 am - Landon starts throwing up 

6:30-7:00 am - We take him to the hospital 

9:00-10: am - Landon is stuck with needles and has about 7 small tubes of blood taken. This took about 45 mins to do and he screamed the whole time. Just a side note Landon has learned that waving means "bye-bye." Well the whole time he was getting the blood drawn he kept waving his hand. He was trying to tell us that he wanted to leave. It's so hard watching your baby go through that.

10:am-3:30 pm - We hang out in Landon's room and he can't eat b/c he is getting test done in the afternoon. 

3:30 pm - Landon gets to ride in a wheelchair on Kyle's lap to his test. He loved that and laughed the whole time. He got a Ultrasound, X-Ray, and Upper GI done. He screamed and cried the whole time through these. Kyle and I had to hold him down and he kept looking at us with those big blue eyes and you could tell he was very angry with us. 

5:00 pm - Landon finally gets to eat about after 8 hours of not eating. He throws up it. 

6:00 pm - Hospital Doctor finally comes to give us the test results. This is pretty much of a summary of what he said "All test results come back normal. We don't know what's wrong." This is frustrating and somewhat relieving b/c I'm glad nothing was wrong but we still didn't know what was wrong. 

7:00 pm - A Pediatric Gastroenterologist came to speak to us and he was very helpful. He put Landon on some medicines to prevent him from throwing up. He also put him a very specialized formula that cosst a fortune and told us to put him on a diary and soy free diet b/c he may be allergic. 

8:00 pm to Saturday afternoon - Landon didn't throw up at all and was peeing again. So the doctor sent him home. We were told if he started throwing up again to bring him back. 

Here are some pics 

             I wish I had taken a better shot of his hospital gown but they were so cute

Kyle trying to distract him from his hunger

Landon on his wheelchair ride. The best one I could get.

Landon is doing much better today. He takes medicine six times a day and is eating his formula pretty well. It's hard to find food that doesn't have soy or diary in it. We are mostly feeding him organic food. The plan is to introduce soy and diary back into his diet slowly and if he gets sick then we know he is allergic. We go to the gastroenterologist  tomorrow so will see what happens from there.