Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Landon's Lingo

 Like most 3 year olds, Landon has a language of his own and one usually needs a translator to be able to follow what he is saying. I wanted to write down some of his words and what they mean. 

Landon's phrase        What he really Means
Baby Chocolate         Rolos
Chocolate White        Hershey's Cookie-N-Cream
Chocolate Brown       Regular Hersheys
Chicken White           Chicken Nuggets
Yellow Cereal            Cheerios
Red Cereal                 Fruit Loops
Grandpa Car               Grandpa Mike (my dad)
Grandpa Golf              Grandpa Smith (Kyle's dad)
Carpet Road                Concrete 
Fire Works                 Grill
Sprinkles                    Water Sprinklers
Sauce                         Ketchup, Syrup, Sweet-in-Sour Sauce, Pretty much any type of topping
Fire Sticks                  Roasting Sticks
Fix it                          I think this is his favorite phrase. We fix things all day long. If the light                                       bulb goes out, daddy will "fix it." If his blanket has a hole it, I "fix it" with                                       thread and a needle. Landon thinks anytime something needs to be fixed,                                           we need to pull out the screw driver, drill, and hammer. 

Because I am around Landon 24/7, I find myself using these phrases when speaking to other adults and I  usually get a weird look. But it's the life of a mom and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Landon eating his sauce.

Our version of a tractor and trailer. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015


My youngest will be 20 months old in two days and I wanted to give an update on him.


  • Books - We read several books a day and he can often be found walking around with a book in his hand. He also has to have books in his crib in order to go to sleep. When  I check on him during the night, he usually is grasping on to a book or is laying on a opened book. 
  • His daddy - Jason is a 100% daddy's boy. He loves to be held by daddy and often cries when he leaves. Sometimes I find him knocking on our front door crying and saying, "Da, Da."
  • Chocolate - I pretty sure this kid could eat a pound of chocolate candy in one setting. 
  • Balls - Jason loves to throw balls and gets so excited when he realizes that we are playing basketball in our kitchen. He will pick a ball and walk over to the hoop and shoot the ball. 
  • Outside - He would live outside if he could. 
  • Riding his toy car - The only thing he likes better than being outside is riding his toy car outside. 
  • His blanket - Jason is very attached to a blue blanket that is decorated with hearts. He gets very upset when someone touches it. 
  • The Ipad - He knows how to work the Ipad very well and loves to play games on it.. 
  • Sleeping - He still wakes up between 2-4 times a night (sometimes more.) Most mornings he is awake by 6 and nap times are always a struggle. He just doesn't like to sleep. 
  • Listening to mommy and daddy - When we tell Jason not to do something, he just laughs, and does it anyways. He thinks it's hilarious not to listen to us.
  • Strollers/Car Seats - Up until about 2 months ago, anytime Jason was in a car seat, he would scream - even if we in the car for just 5 mins. Sadly, it was a noise everyone got familiar with. 
Jason has a very independent and stubborn personality. He has only been walking for about two months now and anytime we tried to walk with him by holding his hands he would lift his legs off the ground and throw his head back and scream at us. This describes his attitude towards a lot of things. He knows his own mind and is very willing to go through a lot to get what he wants. 

He loves to play with his big brother. Landon and him get along very well and I love to hear those two laugh. I'm so happy Jason is part of our family. Here are a few pictures of my little guy. 

This is right after we made gingerbread houses.

Playing with the trains I made the boys for Christmas.

Tubing at Soldiers Hollow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Landon turned 3 about four months ago and I can't believe it. I wanted to write a post about him and what he is like at this age. 

  • He loves anything that has wheels on it - cars, trains, planes, garbage trucks, fire truck, buses - and he is very good at pointing them out to me even if they are 1/2 mile away. He also likes to intimidate the sounds and movements of each thing.
  • His biggest passion is fixing things and he will fix anything. He has a car lift and likes to lay under it pretending to fix his cars and then pretends to wash them. I often find his play tools in the most random spots because he left it there from a work project. I have found tools in my washing machine, underneath my sink, in my fridge, in my shoes, and in my purse. 
  • Right now, Landon is in a basketball class and has so much fun it. He is always asking when he gets to go back. He also likes playing basketball in our kitchen with his daddy
  • Chocolate! This kid (and his brother and his daddy) think chocolate is its own food group. He asks for it at least once a day. He will often say, "Mommy, I neeeeeeeed chocolate." If I say no he often replies, "Okay. Daddy will go to the store and get it for me."
  • Landon loves to help. If you have been around him just a little,you he is always willing and wanting to help. Anytime I am cleaning, doing laundry, or cooking he will run to me shouting, "I can help you, mommy."
  •  He is obsessed with the car wash and everyday will say, "we go to car wash today."
  • Veggies - Landon just doesn't dislike vegetables, he hates them. Anytime he sees a green food, he will slowly back away and say, "That gross. That yucky." If I put veggies on his plate, he usually throws them at me or on the floor. We just have to hid them in his food. 
  • Being without his blankets - He has a green blanket and a Cars blanket that he is incredibly attached and no one touches it. Ever. 
  • Being inside for too long - Everyday he asks me, "Mommy, when we go bye-bye."
Landon is an incredibly creative child. I love watching him gather up a bunch of different toys and see what he comes up with. Today, he put his blanket on our kithcen counter and put a ball on the blanket. Then he started shouting, "Doggie stuck in a tree." So he jumped on his car, started making the fire trucks sounds, drove to the kitchen and then used a broom as a ladder to climb up on and save the doggie. 

He is an amazing older brother to Jason. He always making sure Jason has something to play with and if Landon has a snack he makes sure I get Jason a snack. He likes to give Jason hugs and kisses and high-fives. They get along very well. I am so proud to have this little guy in my life. 

Building his first snowman

Riding the Harley Davidson Motorcycle at Marleys

Christmas Lights at Temple Square

Decorating Gingerbread Houses

Tubing at Soldiers Hollow

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

When is Santa coming?

Ever since Christmas, Landon keeps asking, "When is Santa coming?" I reply that he won't be back until next year. That answer never really satisfies him and this morning he decided to take matters into his own hands. He started out by making Santa cookies and chocolate milk. He then wrapped presents for Santa to deliver and then he pretended to be Santa. He had me and Jason opened the gifts and we acted surprised. Landon pretended to eat the cookies and drink the chocolate milk to which he told me was "Yummy." After he was done, he shouted "Mommy, I all done. Santa Claus go back to the mall now."

Here are pictures of his adventure.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Quick Update

I will be "attempting" to blog more on a regular basis. We will see how that goes. Here is an update on how our little family is doing.


After working with a few speech therapists, Landon's speech has really taken off. Everyday he saids a new phase and I wonder where he learned it from. Landon loves to play cars and pretend to be a mechanic like his grandpa. He loves anything to do with trains and airplanes. He is an awesome big brother to Jason and is always sharing with him. He makes sure his brother always has a snack to eat and a toy to play with. Landon started Primary (children's Sunday School) and loves it. He always asks if we can go to Primary tomorrow. This kid is so smart and very creative.


At 18 months and after lots of encouragement, Jason is finally walking. He is super active and all over the place now. Some of Jason's favorite activities are reading, riding his toy car, and playing with blocks. He is a daddy's boy and enjoys sitting on Kyle's lap and watching football. Jason has a very strong personality. He knows what he wants, what he likes and knows how to push his mommy's buttons He also has the cutest laugh I've ever heard.


Currently Kyle is a Collections Manager at a finance company and is working on his MBA at Utah Valley University. The MBA program is a part-time two year program. Both his job and school keep him extra busy and we are so glad when he gets to spend time at home. Of course, he is teaching his sons about sports and likes playing basketball with them in our kitchen. We love watching movies together and going on dates. Kyle loves it when I tickle him and play pranks on him (not really, but I think it's hilarious.)

About a year and half ago, I decided to go back to school to become an American Sign Language Interpreter. I've been taking about 2 classes a semester and I am so glad I'm doing it. It is quite the balancing act with Kyle working full time and both of us being in school. Because of some scheduling issues and other things, I am taking this semester off and waiting to go to school in the summer and fall. When I'm not a student, I am full time mom to my boys. They keep me on on my toes and I love spending my days with them. Lately, I've started to enjoy baking - mostly cookies. I've also started to enjoy working with tools and building stuff for the boys. I even asked for a pink tool set for Valentines Day. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mommy Confessions

Hey, look at me, I'm actually blogging. It's mostly because I don't want to clean and my toddler is still sleeping.

This link,, has been shared on facebook a lot. It made me of f some of my "mommy confessions" that I have. I thought I would share.

  1. Motherhood is hard. Period. Anyone who saids differently is a liar.
  2. Labor sucks and is hard. 
  3. I'm often too enthusiastic for my children's bed time.
  4. I leave my kids alone in my apartment when I take the trash out. My baby is usually strapped in his swing and my toddler watches me out the window.
  5. My baby naps in a bassinet in our laundry room. It's the only place I have found where Landon's loudness doesn't wake him. 
  6. I give Landon chocolate almost everyday.The only time he doesn't is if we are out. 
  7. I let Landon spoon feed Jason. 
  8. I don't believe in spanking. If anyone lays a hand on my children they will get the wrath of me and I promise it won't be pretty. 
  9. My kids stay in pajamas all day way too often. 
  10. I let Landon use a steak knife at dinner. 
  11. I NEVER give into temper tantrums. 
  12. I hardly sing nursery songs to my kids. I find them extremely annoying. The few times I have sung them, Landon covers his ears.Apparently I'm that bad of a singer. 
  13. Jason was very unplanned and cried when I found out I was pregnant. 
  14. I plan my daily schedule around Landon's nap and bed time. All hell breaks lose when he is sleep deprived. 
  15. Sometimes I give Landon the ipad and Jason my cell phone to play with so I can read. 
  16. I'm pretty sure, I have food or drool on my clothes 24/7. Most of the time, I don't even realize until someone points it out. 
  17. Landon and I get into food fights. 
  18. Landon looks at veggies as if they are foreign objects. 
  19. I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disease. I'm scared to death my children will have it. 
  20. I can't wait until Jason sleeps through the night. Some mothers enjoy the midnight, 2 am, 4 am feedings. I do not.
  21. Landon eats spaghetto's for lunch almost everyday.
  22. Some Sundays, I dread going to Church. Church is very difficult with 2 children. 
  23. The boys never wear a pair socks that match. 
  24. Sometimes I throw stuff into my coat closest so my house looks clean.
  25. Motherhood is the greatest thing I have ever done. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hello World

Hello blog world. I'm back. My computer has been having issues for awhile and it is now fixed. I'm currently downloading 1400 pictures from my iphone and about 300 pictures from my camera.

It's going to take awhile to go through all those pictures and I will be doing random blog posts. But here is a quick post of what we did this afternoon.

Landon loves the outdoors. We decided to spend the afternoon at a local park and Landon had a blast.

This kid loves to swing. 

Landon before going down the slide and trying to climb back up the slide