Wednesday, January 14, 2015

When is Santa coming?

Ever since Christmas, Landon keeps asking, "When is Santa coming?" I reply that he won't be back until next year. That answer never really satisfies him and this morning he decided to take matters into his own hands. He started out by making Santa cookies and chocolate milk. He then wrapped presents for Santa to deliver and then he pretended to be Santa. He had me and Jason opened the gifts and we acted surprised. Landon pretended to eat the cookies and drink the chocolate milk to which he told me was "Yummy." After he was done, he shouted "Mommy, I all done. Santa Claus go back to the mall now."

Here are pictures of his adventure.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Quick Update

I will be "attempting" to blog more on a regular basis. We will see how that goes. Here is an update on how our little family is doing.


After working with a few speech therapists, Landon's speech has really taken off. Everyday he saids a new phase and I wonder where he learned it from. Landon loves to play cars and pretend to be a mechanic like his grandpa. He loves anything to do with trains and airplanes. He is an awesome big brother to Jason and is always sharing with him. He makes sure his brother always has a snack to eat and a toy to play with. Landon started Primary (children's Sunday School) and loves it. He always asks if we can go to Primary tomorrow. This kid is so smart and very creative.


At 18 months and after lots of encouragement, Jason is finally walking. He is super active and all over the place now. Some of Jason's favorite activities are reading, riding his toy car, and playing with blocks. He is a daddy's boy and enjoys sitting on Kyle's lap and watching football. Jason has a very strong personality. He knows what he wants, what he likes and knows how to push his mommy's buttons He also has the cutest laugh I've ever heard.


Currently Kyle is a Collections Manager at a finance company and is working on his MBA at Utah Valley University. The MBA program is a part-time two year program. Both his job and school keep him extra busy and we are so glad when he gets to spend time at home. Of course, he is teaching his sons about sports and likes playing basketball with them in our kitchen. We love watching movies together and going on dates. Kyle loves it when I tickle him and play pranks on him (not really, but I think it's hilarious.)

About a year and half ago, I decided to go back to school to become an American Sign Language Interpreter. I've been taking about 2 classes a semester and I am so glad I'm doing it. It is quite the balancing act with Kyle working full time and both of us being in school. Because of some scheduling issues and other things, I am taking this semester off and waiting to go to school in the summer and fall. When I'm not a student, I am full time mom to my boys. They keep me on on my toes and I love spending my days with them. Lately, I've started to enjoy baking - mostly cookies. I've also started to enjoy working with tools and building stuff for the boys. I even asked for a pink tool set for Valentines Day.