Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Motherhood Oops

Have you ever had an "Oops" Moment as a parent? Have you ever thought to yourself, "Oops maybe I shouldn't have done that" or "Oops, I can't believe that happened"? Well, I have had  a lot of them and thought I would share some.

My "Oops" Moments

  • One night, when Landon was 6 or 7 weeks old, I was giving him an early morning feeding and as usual he didn't finish his bottle. So I went to put the leftover milk in the fridge. As I was putting the bottle on the top shelf, I realized it wasn't the bottle I was putting in, it was, in fact, Landon's leg that I was setting on the top shelf. Yes, I was about to put my son in the fridge. Oops. 
  • Sometimes I call Landon, Colin, which is the name of my nephew. He lives over 1000 miles away so I'm not for sure why I get them mixed up. 
  • This next one has happened more than once. After Landon eats during the night, I change his diaper. A few times I have crawled back into to bed and realize I never put a diaper back on Landon. I had taken the wet diaper off, button up his pajamas, and placed him back in his crib. I just never put a new diaper on. Luckily, I always remember to go back and do it. Otherwise, he would have a very wet bed in the morning. 
  • This is my most embarrassing moment as a parent. Last week I was feeding Landon and while he was eating he dirtied his diaper. No big deal, I changed it as usual and went about my day. Later, when I was at the store, I looked down and there was poop all over my pants. I guess it had linked out while I was feeding him. Needless to say, I check my pants after every diaper change  now. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update on Life

I would be posting pics from Easter but I haven't figured out how to put pics from my camera onto my new computer. So no pics this post. I thought I would post an update.

Kyle is working hard at school. He has about 2 weeks left of this semester and then only 2 semesters left of his undergrad! We are hoping for a December graduation and Grad school would begin in the fall of 2013. He works so hard at school. I am so very proud of him. A few weeks he presented research he has been working on for several weeks at a National Conference. It went really well and several people were interested in it.

Kyle is currently looking for a new job, he's not a fan of the one he has. I'm sure he will find one that he likes and things will work out.

Landon well Landon is busy all the time. He is constantly trying to crawl (I hope he gets it soon).He loves his own voice - he tries to sing and talk most of the day. Last Sunday in Church, the Choir sung and Landon tried to copy the women's high pitched voices. We got a lot of laughs from people that day.

Landon started solid foods a few weeks ago and he is already a picky eater. He loves sweet potatoes, carrots, and his favorite is squash. He hates rice cereal, peas, and green beans.

It's so fun watching Landon grow and discover new things everyday.

As for me, I love being a stay at home/working part time from home mom. I love the fact that I can do a job I love from home but that I can still be with Landon all day. Work has been slow lately so I haven' t been able to work as many hours as I want but it's starting to pick up again.

My mom comes in 2 weeks and we are going to the BYUs Women Conference. I am pretty excited for it.

As for our diet, Kyle and I slacked off for a couple of months but we are back on it and ready to go.