Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Landon's Lingo

 Like most 3 year olds, Landon has a language of his own and one usually needs a translator to be able to follow what he is saying. I wanted to write down some of his words and what they mean. 

Landon's phrase        What he really Means
Baby Chocolate         Rolos
Chocolate White        Hershey's Cookie-N-Cream
Chocolate Brown       Regular Hersheys
Chicken White           Chicken Nuggets
Yellow Cereal            Cheerios
Red Cereal                 Fruit Loops
Grandpa Car               Grandpa Mike (my dad)
Grandpa Golf              Grandpa Smith (Kyle's dad)
Carpet Road                Concrete 
Fire Works                 Grill
Sprinkles                    Water Sprinklers
Sauce                         Ketchup, Syrup, Sweet-in-Sour Sauce, Pretty much any type of topping
Fire Sticks                  Roasting Sticks
Fix it                          I think this is his favorite phrase. We fix things all day long. If the light                                       bulb goes out, daddy will "fix it." If his blanket has a hole it, I "fix it" with                                       thread and a needle. Landon thinks anytime something needs to be fixed,                                           we need to pull out the screw driver, drill, and hammer. 

Because I am around Landon 24/7, I find myself using these phrases when speaking to other adults and I  usually get a weird look. But it's the life of a mom and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Landon eating his sauce.

Our version of a tractor and trailer. 

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