Sunday, February 22, 2015


My youngest will be 20 months old in two days and I wanted to give an update on him.


  • Books - We read several books a day and he can often be found walking around with a book in his hand. He also has to have books in his crib in order to go to sleep. When  I check on him during the night, he usually is grasping on to a book or is laying on a opened book. 
  • His daddy - Jason is a 100% daddy's boy. He loves to be held by daddy and often cries when he leaves. Sometimes I find him knocking on our front door crying and saying, "Da, Da."
  • Chocolate - I pretty sure this kid could eat a pound of chocolate candy in one setting. 
  • Balls - Jason loves to throw balls and gets so excited when he realizes that we are playing basketball in our kitchen. He will pick a ball and walk over to the hoop and shoot the ball. 
  • Outside - He would live outside if he could. 
  • Riding his toy car - The only thing he likes better than being outside is riding his toy car outside. 
  • His blanket - Jason is very attached to a blue blanket that is decorated with hearts. He gets very upset when someone touches it. 
  • The Ipad - He knows how to work the Ipad very well and loves to play games on it.. 
  • Sleeping - He still wakes up between 2-4 times a night (sometimes more.) Most mornings he is awake by 6 and nap times are always a struggle. He just doesn't like to sleep. 
  • Listening to mommy and daddy - When we tell Jason not to do something, he just laughs, and does it anyways. He thinks it's hilarious not to listen to us.
  • Strollers/Car Seats - Up until about 2 months ago, anytime Jason was in a car seat, he would scream - even if we in the car for just 5 mins. Sadly, it was a noise everyone got familiar with. 
Jason has a very independent and stubborn personality. He has only been walking for about two months now and anytime we tried to walk with him by holding his hands he would lift his legs off the ground and throw his head back and scream at us. This describes his attitude towards a lot of things. He knows his own mind and is very willing to go through a lot to get what he wants. 

He loves to play with his big brother. Landon and him get along very well and I love to hear those two laugh. I'm so happy Jason is part of our family. Here are a few pictures of my little guy. 

This is right after we made gingerbread houses.

Playing with the trains I made the boys for Christmas.

Tubing at Soldiers Hollow.

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